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Debbie's Genealogy Site

Welcome to my web site!

Some families know a great deal about their roots; others know very little.

This site is an attempt to record what I've learned about our family history. Thanks to the help of many, many cousins across the United States and overseas.

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The content on this web site cannot be used for profit. Please feel free to share my web site address with others, but please remember that you should research each item yourself. I have tried to verify as much as possible, but errors can happen. If you find any errors or ommissions, please go to the "Contact Me" page and send me an email. Thanks! Enjoy!!

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In the future when I update pages, I will keep a running list of the most recent changes here.

4/13/2003-Added photos of Sylvester Peavler, Elijah Rhoads, Unknown Man, and Allen Smith and Family.
10/4/2001-Added Smith and Thomas family names to the "List of Names" page.

Added the parents of David Thomas to the Smith Family History page.

9/1/2001-Added "Family Photos of Unknowns" Page. Please help me identify who these family members are!!

8/23/2001-Added Hoare and Peavler family names to the "List of Names" page.

Added some nice soft music to the Home Page. You don't have to download Crescendo to hear it. Just click on cancel, if you get that box.

8/11/2001-Changed the Visitor Counter....didn't like the old one, it kept chopping off the numbers!

8/4/2001-Added "Union Cemetery" page. More photos will be added here later.

7/22/2001-Added "Clara's Postcards" page with a link to more postcards.

7/21/2001-Corrected spelling of death/burial place of Lafayette Peavler.

Added year of birth for Vinnie Irene Pevler.

7/16/2001-Updated David Wilber Hoar's year of death on the "Hoare Family History" page.

Updated the "More Family Photos" page.

7/15/2001-Updated the "List of Names" page with Champion and Outland names.

7/12/2001-Added a "More Family Photos" page.

7/8/2001-Added burial place for Chase William Pevler and Bertha Mae Thomas Pevler to the "Pevler", "Thomas" and "Smith" pages.

Added Visitor Counters and a Guestbook to Home Page. Don't forget to sign my guestbook, before you leave the site!!

7/7/2001-Added photos and information to the "Family Reunion" page.

7/6/2001-More photos added to the "Family Photos" page.

7/5/2001-Guestbook and Visitor Counter, coming soon!